We are happy to give you advice when buying a new instrument. We take into account all the parameters of your requirements and, if you cannot find the right instrument for you in our showroom, we can procure a piano tailored to your needs.


A team of tuners with many years of experience tunes even instruments which were not bought from us. You just have to order the service and we will arrange a date for the tuning of your instrument. We recommend tuning your instrument at least once a year, provided that it stands in a place with a stable temperature (18-24 °C).

Otherwise, tuning is recommended after each move, 3 to 4 weeks after placing the instrument in its new place. Instruments bought from us have the first tuning, performed by us 3 to 4 weeks after moving the instrument to the client, included in the price.


We provide professional transportation of the instruments by renowned companies specialising in the transportation of pianos. If you specify your address, including the floor number, we will be happy to send you the price of the transportation, or of the moving, of a grand piano or an upright piano. The shipping company charges 50% extra for the transportation and moving of pianos during weekends and evening hours.

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