Yamaha B3 PE SC2 Silent

An acoustic upright piano of the Silent Piano type from the SC2 series with 88 keys, 3 pedals and 64 voice polyphony. The piano is equipped with Silent Piano technology for silent playing thanks to a special built-in sensor which enables the pianist to use headphones while playing. When this mode is activated, the hammers get detached from the strings and a digital mode switches on, equipped with 10 professional studio sounds, including sound samples of the legendary CFIIIS model, with the possibility to set the volume and play completely silently. An integrated digital module offers the possibility to record and play WAV audio files with a 30 MB memory, MIDI input and output for using MIDI functions, the possibility to connect mobile devices and use downloadable applications thanks to the USB port, as well as playing sounds by using the Aux In jack.

Condition: new
Finish: black gloss
Height: 121 cm
Country of origin: Japan
Price: EUR 7,900

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