This grand piano belongs to professional instruments, it is the longest grand piano from Petrof. Thanks to its sound potential it is often used for interpretation of complicated music pieces. Therefore it is suitable for concerts of classical music, demanding players, large concert halls and recording with orchestra.

This grand piano belongs to professional instruments. It is suitable for demanding players, for large concert halls and recording studios. Romantic sound, precise touch and ebony keys.

Historical grand piano from 1905 after full reconstruction looks totally new. It has a carved holder for the sheets of music and nicely shaped legs. The chair is well designed for the piano to underline the details. Despite length it has a strong sound like a professional grand piano.

Small modern grand piano suits flats, music schools, restaurats, small hotels and concert halls. It often used as a training piano for students and professional pianists.

Modern grand piano Kawai is designed for semi - demanding clients, it can be placed in households and small concert halls or hotels. It has a soft sound suitable for romantic pieces and melodic classical music.

This concert grand piano from 1927 has been fully reconstructed and is in a perfect shape. It has an extra-ordinary sound and ever lasting design famous for the top brand Steinway & Sons. It has ebony keys. 


The smallest grand piano fromYamaha has also the best price for a grand piano. Compact sound, power and touch can fulfill needs of students as well as more demanding players. This is an ideal instrument for live-performance of rock, pop and jazz.